What We Do

We offer very practical weekend math, Chinese, and programming classes

We immerse tomorrow’s skills and values to prepare kids for their future


Contents are practical, combining knowledge, skills, and insights not offered anywhere else. Even adults can learn something from them.

Fun Chinese Poems

“Fun Chinese Poems” is an educational and fun read for children (4 and above).

It consists of 21 delightful poems that are both nurturing and educational for the young minds.

  • a consistent format throughout
  • a fun, value-fostering and culturally sensitive poem in Chinese annotated with Pinyin
  • illustrated with colorful customized pictures that are relevant to the poems
  • followed by English translation, a riddle and further educational notes.

Books written for kids by kids

Yes, kids can create books too!

Our student (aka “little teacher”)  eight year old Vickie adapted Chinese children’s poems/songs with pinyin, English translation, and her interpretations, and drawings in her kindle book.

A well known one is  the “little white rabbit”

小(xiǎo)  白(bái)  兔(tù)  白(bái)  又(yòu)  白(bái),

两(liǎng)  只(zhī)  耳(ěr)  朵(duo)  竖(shù)  起(qǐ)  来(lái)

This beautiful children’s book with Chinese, pinyin and English is available on Kindle.

Sample lessons on math

Math is not about being mechanical, but rather inventions or discoveries that are practical solutions to do things faster and better.   Have you ever thought about why we need to do multiplication, or other mathematical operations?    In this unedited sample lesson, you will not only hear how to say and write multiplication in Chinese, but also how exponential operation relates to multiplication and relates to addition.

Practicing math is a beautiful journey to discovery of the world we live in.

Sample lessons on computer applications and programming

Contents are practical, combining knowledge, skills, and unique insights.   Even adults can learn something from them.   In this unedited sample video, eight year old Vickie teaches her mom how to use Tableau.    In other sample videos, she shows how to make a clickable button or an animated greeting card with Python code, etc.

Sample lessons on Mandarin Chinese

In this unedited sample video, you hear how to say “人民币” (RMB, the Chinese fiat currency) in Chinese.  And yes, it is taught by a child.  It is important for kids to learn about money from a young age: what it is for, and how to use and grow yuan (元; pinyin: yuán).


Wood (木 Mù) comes from trees (树 Shù).  木 means both wood and tree.  When more than one trees are together, we have “林”, which implies forest or general forestry.   When there are lots of trees, we say “森林” (Sēnlín), which means “forest”.   How many “木” do you see in the word forest “森林” ?

copyright © Magic Math Mandarin

Teacher is 老师. Student is 学生.
Learning is life. Life is learning.

copyright © Magic Math Mandarin

Fruits 水果(shuǐguǒ) are colorful, delicious and healthy.
(yuán)(yuán)(de)(dà) 西(xī)(guā)

copyright © Magic Math Mandarin

The Sun gives all of us energy.  Did you know the Earth is actually further away from the sun in spring than winter?


(kān)(jiā)(hù)(yuàn)  好 (hǎo)(néng)(shǒu),

A dog by Elizabeth copyright © Magic Math Mandarin

Wind is written as 风 and pronounced as fēng.  Wind is large movement of air. 
(fēng)(pó) (pó),(sòng)(fēng)(lái),
(sòng)(dōng)(fēng),(táo) (huā) (kāi),
(sòng)(běi) (fēng),(xuě) (huā) (fēi),
(sòng)(lái) (nán) (fēng)太 阳(tàiyáng)(shài)。

copyright © Magic Math Mandarin

Winter (冬天 dōng tiān) is full of fun for kids when it snows. The two dot-like strokes at the bottom of 冬 look like the snow flakes.

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