Financial literacy for the young | 理 财知识 从小开始

I volunteer at a financial literacy program jointly sponsored by PBS and HSBC.  The program is catered to high school students.   The experiences with the high school seniors reinforced my focus on financial math for children.

These seniors are very close to 18 years of age, which means they would be legal to vote soon.   We talked about getting money for college and finding jobs.    But none of them knew how social security tax worked.   None of them knew the two ways the US government raised money: tax and borrowing.   It is not their fault.  They had not been taught somehow.  So we have to do something about that!

Below is a video of a series of interviews with college students.  They know pop trivia very well but not at all about their financials.  Quite a few mention their parents take care of the finances (and therefore they don’t have to know).  The young urgently need to learn about financial math.   We need to make financial math plain, simple, fun and everywhere.


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