Why financial math

We often get asked with this question “why is that you focuses on financial math as oppose to broader math?” “Focus” is the right word to describe us.  We have many reasons. First and foremost, because if we don’t have money we don’t have a place to live or any food to eat! 因为如果你没有钱你没有住的地方或任何吃的东西 !

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Money is very important

Money is one of the most important things in a social economic society. Although Fibonacci series in nature is worth studying, it is more of a nicety than necessity. Without getting into arguments of chicken or egg first, it is safe to say there would have been little progress in math (or anything) if not for economic motivations.
Knowing some financial math is essential to one’s financial well-being. There are many well-trained and hardworking people who make good money but have little net worth. Had they been trained on financial math just a little, they might have become millionaires instead of living paycheck to paycheck.

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Financial literacy

At a personal level, I want my children to learn, overtime, what is interest rate, what financial institutions (large is not necessarily evil) do, essentials of income tax structure, basic accounting and investment, credit score, pros and cons of using credit, etc., that are to equip them with the necessary knowledge to make important monetary decisions for themselves.    As a mother, I do not know what is better way to love my children than to help them become independent, strong and successful—for this and for the lack of it in school education, we choose financial math.

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