How to Assign A Shortcut Key to a Style in MS Word

Hello everybody!😃 Today in class we learned how to assign a shortcut key 💻 to a style in Word. What we learned today will be very useful if you are changing all the fonts in a Word document and if you must finish very quickly. In class we assigned a shortcut ourselves. The shortcut is Ctrl Shift E. We made this shortcut to be able to change whatever words we highlight to the font called Normal style in Word.

To do this in Word you have to be on the Home page. Then look in the box called styles and click the thing on the bottom right corner.

After you press that pick a style then click the arrow 🔽 on the style you want.

Then click modify and click Format on the bottom left corner. When you press that there will appear some option click Shortcut Key.

Pick a shortcut you want to give to your style and then press assign.

Yay!! You have now learned how to assign a shortcut key to whatever style you want in MS Word 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓! We will learn much more things in the future😃. Anything is possible.

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