Mother’s Day in Pandemic | 瘟疫中的母亲节

It is a beautiful day on May 10, 2020.  New York City area is still under lockdown because of Covid-19 pandemic.  The weather is perfect with clear blue sky.  👍  We went for a walk, and saw a few others strolling or jogging.   Then on a quiet block, we saw two people dancing💃🕺, singing🎤, clapping👏, and hopping with music 🎶surrounded by party balloons out in the open sidewalk in front of a brownstone apartment building.   They both wear masks😷 and gloves🧤.

“Maybe they are crazy.”🤪 I thought, because who would have behaved like that as if nobody were around.

“Or, maybe they are worshiping God ⛪because churches are closed”.   This seemed plausible since today is Sunday, until I saw the two dancers are actually dancing and singing for someone who is standing behind the glass door.

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There is an elderly lady 👩🏽‍🦳standing behind the door.  Only her tiny head is visible mostly covered by a mask.   She was looking down on those two: the one doing swirling and clapping the most is her daughter 👩🏽‍🦱 and the boy doing the hip-hops is her grandson👦🏽.


“Oh, they are celebrating the old lady’s birthday! 😊 They cannot go to see her because they do not want to pass her any virus.  That’s why they have to dance 💃like this for her.   They have come to celebrate her birthday🎂, down the stairs just 10 yards away.

We stopped and clapped with them.  The boy’s mother turned around and gave us a thumbs up👍 and a nod to acknowledge us, and yelled at us “Happy Mother’s Day!”😃

OMG.  It is the Mother’s Day.🌹

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers out there. 🎉 We hope you are safe and doing better than okay!!😄

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