Little Red Brid | 小红鸟

There were two Cardinal birds🐦 that visited our garden very often. One was a female and the other one was a male. They were both very beautiful.

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But about one week later when we went to see our garden we found a baby Cardinal bird 🐥 hopping around learning how to fly.

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Baby Cardinal Hopping

That’s when we found out that the two Cardinal birds were actually this baby bird’s parents!😀 We gave the young bird some sunflower seeds and water. We saw that the baby bird’s parents kept flying back and forth to see if their child was okay👍. However one sad day when we were going to water the plants in our garden we saw the baby bird hanging upside-down on a net that we put on our grape tree to protect the grapes from squirrels. The baby bird died and we were so sad😭.

We buried the baby Cardinal (小红鸟) in our garden.

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Burying Baby Cardinal

Since the baby Cardinal died, the two parents stopped coming to our garden😥. We hope that we will be able to see the baby bird’s parents again someday🤞.

R.I.P. baby Cardinal.🙏

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