Innovation in education | 教育创新

We don’t hear about startups in education in America as we hear about them in other industries. Why? There are multiple reasons. One is the belief that superior education and profit making are conflicting.  Are they?

Superior customer service in other industries seems to lead to higher profit. People don’t have any issues with that. Then why with education?

It shouldn’t.

So why?

Do more for real intelligence | 为真人智慧加油

The word AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere these days. Some of the best young minds are pouring into the field, and industry need is so dire that graduate schools can hardly keep PhD students until graduation.

In the craze of the artificial, real intelligence seems to have been forgotten. Here, the word “real intelligence” means intelligence from real human being.
American k-12 education continues to go downhill regardless of funding, more and more homeless people in New York City are begging in the streets (many are young and able), and millions of prime age citizens are not looking for work where many jobs are left unfilled.

小蛇 | Little snake


A snake can look like a rope.  Don’t get bitten by a snake!!!  It might be poisonous!!!!!!!

帆(fān)船(chuán) | Sailing Ship


Be careful don’t fall into the water!!!!!!

蚕(cán)宝(bǎo)宝(bǎo) | Silkworm Baby



元(yuán)宵(xiāo)节(jié) | Lantern Festival

(fēi) (jī)(dēng)(fēi)(dé)(gāo)

Did you know that Lantern Festival started in China around 2000 years ago?  Wow!   Each year, it is on the day of the first full moon in the Chinese lunar new year.

Besides beautiful lanterns, traditionally people eat a special sweets made of glutinous rice flour called 元(yuán)(xiāo),  yyyyyuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Python Data Types | Python 数据类型

Python type NumPy type pandas dtype Usage
str string_, unicode_ object Text
int int_, int8, int16, int32, int64, uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64 int64 Integer numbers
float float_, float16, float32, float64 float64 Floating point numbers
bool bool_ bool True/False values
datetime64[ns] datetime64 Date and time values
timedelta[ns] Differences between two datetimes
category Finite list of text values

Note that what is “str” in Python is called “object” in pandas. This is a potential source of confusion (isn’t everything in Python an object?).

端午节 | Dragon boat festival


People eat these in a dragon boat festival.  The outside wrapping is a bamboo leaf.  The inside are yummy sticky rice and other goodies.

眼(yǎn)睛(jīng) | Eyes


Take good care of your eyes! 😆