An great collection of Python notebooks | Python 笔记本集

Here is a really great collection of Python notebooks with lots and lots of links.  We start with some appetizers:

But there are so many and so much more!! Okay, I am just going to copy (fork) most of this page:


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Linguistics and Text Mining

Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Science

Earth Science and Geo-Spatial data

Signal Processing

Engineering Education

Scientific computing and data analysis with the SciPy Stack

General topics in scientific computing

Social data

Psychology and Neuroscience

Machine Learning, Statistics and Probability

Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Economics and Finance

Earth science and geo-spatial data

Data visualization and plotting

Signal and Sound Processing

Natural Language Processing

Pandas for data analysis

Note that in the ‘collections’ section above there are also pandas-related links, such as the one for an 11-lesson tutorial.

General Python Programming

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