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Open the schools | 开学

We are in mid July.  The latest news says that many schools may not open for the fall, citing spike in coronavirus cases.

However, the lockdown has deprived the livelihood of millions of people, who used to be happy and thriving.  The lockdown has thrown everyone into a stress test.  Millions did not and millions will not pass the test.  Ten of millions of hardworking healthy people now have lost their jobs and their dignity to be self-reliant. With no jobs in sight, they are living on hand outs.

Closing schools further cripples the future of America.   Without classrooms that serve as center of knowledge, by leaving young students wandering in the internet wilderness without supervision, our young do not get a solid foundation of education, they risk misinformation, and will become less competitive and poorer workers.

America has never been in lockdown prior to Covid-19 and we thrived.   Strick lockdowns work in China but they will not work in America, a society used to freedom. Freedom does come with a heavy cost. Accepting that, let’s not to be weakened by fear. Let us be brave and thrive.

Given the danger that schools may continue to close in the fall, we at Magic Math Mandarin will dedicate more resource to our online classrooms to help meet our students’ needs.  We will NOT fail you!

For those who are too worried to back to living, we have compiled some information for you.  Learning history will put our fears in places where they belong.

    1. 1968 flu pandemic written by Kara Rogers, the senior editor of biomedical sciences at Encyclopedia Britannica, where she oversees a range of content from medicine and genetics to microorganisms.   The flu outbreak of 1968 was the third influenza pandemic of the 20th century and resulted in an estimated one million to four million deaths.   The virus is called the “H3N2”.  From the link, you can read about other pandemics too.
    2. The Forgotten Hong Kong Flu Pandemic of 1968 Has Lessons for Today written by John Fund, originally published by National Review.    Read the entire article as you should.   We quote Joel Hay, a professor of pharmaceutical economics and policy at the University of Southern California, says that the role of science has also changed. Medical technology has vastly improved from a time when people still did computations on slide rules. But the data it produces has seduced some into thinking that we know more than we actually do and that we can produce useful models to predict the course of this novel coronavirus disease. “We’re being bombarded with data, but we often act like the guy who looks for his keys under the lamppost because the light is better there,” he told me. “We aren’t asking more fundamental questions, like ‘Does this $20 trillion experiment in lockdowns actually work?’”
    3. History of Pandemics by Nicholas LePan for Visual Capitalist.

Mother’s Day in Pandemic | 瘟疫中的母亲节

It is a beautiful day on May 10, 2020.  New York City area is still under lockdown because of Covid-19 pandemic.  The weather is perfect with clear blue sky.  👍  We went for a walk, and saw a few others strolling or jogging.   Then on a quiet block, we saw two people dancing💃🕺, singing🎤, clapping👏, and hopping with music 🎶surrounded by party balloons out in the open sidewalk in front of a brownstone apartment building.   They both wear masks😷 and gloves🧤.

“Maybe they are crazy.”🤪 I thought, because who would have behaved like that as if nobody were around.

“Or, maybe they are worshiping God ⛪because churches are closed”.   This seemed plausible since today is Sunday, until I saw the two dancers are actually dancing and singing for someone who is standing behind the glass door.

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There is an elderly lady 👩🏽‍🦳standing behind the door.  Only her tiny head is visible mostly covered by a mask.   She was looking down on those two: the one doing swirling and clapping the most is her daughter 👩🏽‍🦱 and the boy doing the hip-hops is her grandson👦🏽.


“Oh, they are celebrating the old lady’s birthday! 😊 They cannot go to see her because they do not want to pass her any virus.  That’s why they have to dance 💃like this for her.   They have come to celebrate her birthday🎂, down the stairs just 10 yards away.

We stopped and clapped with them.  The boy’s mother turned around and gave us a thumbs up👍 and a nod to acknowledge us, and yelled at us “Happy Mother’s Day!”😃

OMG.  It is the Mother’s Day.🌹

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers out there. 🎉 We hope you are safe and doing better than okay!!😄

Welcome to our New Google Classroom!!😃

Hello everybody!😃 Welcome back to Magic Math Mandarin.  Since we are staying home because of covid-19, we brought our classes to google classroom so our students can keep on learning even during this pandemic👩‍🏫. Now we can all communicate with each other online💻. In this classroom we will be learning Chinese🈷, math➗, and programming👩‍💻. Our teachers will put new assignments everyday about each topic.  If you would also like to join our wonderful classrooms then here is the class code mtxl6j4

Remember to stay home and don’t get sick!😷 Please join our classroom today!👍💖


The only thing that really matters is | 唯一重要的是…

We watched this very informative, entertaining and inspiring video by GitHub co-founder Tom Breston, who tricked the audience to chant on three separate occasions during this short presentation from 2012:

  • “The only thing that really matters is people 是人🙋‍♀️”
  • “The only thing that really matters is product 是产品🔨”
  • “The only thing that really matters is culture 是文化”✝.

So what is the one thing that really matters? 到底是什么呢? It is the trichotomy 三分法 of people🙋‍♀️, product🔨 and culture✝.


From one Tom Breston’s personal blog dated 2008, he wrote:

In the end, just as Indiana Jones could never turn down the opportunity to search for the Holy Grail, I could no less turn down the chance to work for myself on something I truly love, no matter how safe the alternative might be. When I’m old and dying, I plan to look back on my life and say “wow, that was an adventure,” not ‘wow, I sure felt safe.'”

Words from XDF Founder | 俞敏洪:人生是一辈子的马拉松







Sam Walton | 山姆沃顿

Sam made his senior executives share hotel rooms🏨, and he drove around in a pickup truck🚚. He and his wife went to church⛪ every Sunday. They sat anywhere just like others. Mr. Walton would even quietly wash dishes🍽 at the church after meal.

One of the best things he ever said was that he made partners of every employee, and the success of Walmart was due to ideas of all the employees. In today’s buzz word, he meant that the success of the company was due to relentless innovation.

But what makes Mr. Walton so special is not just lowest price or best service to customers, but a true genuine humbleness: the belief that all people are equal in front of God.

To see a world in a grain of sand | 从沙粒看世界

Professor ShouCheng Zhang “passed away”. He is forever with us, seeing a world in a grain of sand, holding infinity in

这是张首晟所有视频里我们最喜欢的一个视频。 张教授深入浅出,循循善诱。尽管已经“离世”, 张教授永远和我们在一起从沙粒看世界,把永恒留在刹那时光。

We won’t quote any physics or mathematics from the video, except the title of the lecture, originally from William
Blake, and dedicate them to Professor Zhang:

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.


Do more for real intelligence | 为真人智慧加油

The word AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere these days. Some of the best young minds are pouring into the field, and industry need is so dire that graduate🎓 schools can hardly keep PhD students until graduation.

In the craze of the artificial, real intelligence seems to have been forgotten. Here, the word “real intelligence” means intelligence from real human being.
American k-12 education continues to go downhill regardless of funding, more and more homeless people in New York City are begging in the streets (many are young and able), and millions of prime age citizens are not looking for work where many jobs are left unfilled.






This little poem tells about when children🧒 are adults👩 they help their parents🤱.

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