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Little Red Brid | 小红鸟

There were two Cardinal birds🐦 that visited our garden very often. One was a female and the other one was a male. They were both very beautiful.

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But about one week later when we went to see our garden we found a baby Cardinal bird 🐥 hopping around learning how to fly.

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Baby Cardinal Hopping

That’s when we found out that the two Cardinal birds were actually this baby bird’s parents!😀 We gave the young bird some sunflower seeds and water. We saw that the baby bird’s parents kept flying back and forth to see if their child was okay👍. However one sad day when we were going to water the plants in our garden we saw the baby bird hanging upside-down on a net that we put on our grape tree to protect the grapes from squirrels. The baby bird died and we were so sad😭.

We buried the baby Cardinal (小红鸟) in our garden.

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Burying Baby Cardinal

Since the baby Cardinal died, the two parents stopped coming to our garden😥. We hope that we will be able to see the baby bird’s parents again someday🤞.

R.I.P. baby Cardinal.🙏

Welcome to our New Google Classroom!!😃

Hello everybody!😃 Welcome back to Magic Math Mandarin.  Since we are staying home because of covid-19, we brought our classes to google classroom so our students can keep on learning even during this pandemic👩‍🏫. Now we can all communicate with each other online💻. In this classroom we will be learning Chinese🈷, math➗, and programming👩‍💻. Our teachers will put new assignments everyday about each topic.  If you would also like to join our wonderful classrooms then here is the class code mtxl6j4

Remember to stay home and don’t get sick!😷 Please join our classroom today!👍💖


How to Assign A Shortcut Key to a Style in MS Word

Hello everybody!😃 Today in class we learned how to assign a shortcut key 💻 to a style in Word. What we learned today will be very useful if you are changing all the fonts in a Word document and if you must finish very quickly. In class we assigned a shortcut ourselves. The shortcut is Ctrl Shift E. We made this shortcut to be able to change whatever words we highlight to the font called Normal style in Word.

To do this in Word you have to be on the Home page. Then look in the box called styles and click the thing on the bottom right corner.

After you press that pick a style then click the arrow 🔽 on the style you want.

Then click modify and click Format on the bottom left corner. When you press that there will appear some option click Shortcut Key.

Pick a shortcut you want to give to your style and then press assign.

Yay!! You have now learned how to assign a shortcut key to whatever style you want in MS Word 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓! We will learn much more things in the future😃. Anything is possible.

Loops in Swift Code | 循环 Xúnhuán

Hello everybody! Today in class we have learned 👩‍🏫 how to write loops 循环 (Xúnhuán) in Swift code 👩‍💻. We learned two kinds of loops ➰.

The first type of loop that we learned was a loop ➿ that repeats itself for a certain amount of times⏲. We learned 🏫 how to write this kind of loop in Swift code. Here’s an example.

for i in 1 … 4 {

for i in 1 ... 4 {

Next we learned another loop ⭕ that repeats itself until the condition is false🙅‍♀️. This loop is called a while loop. Here’s an example.

while thereIsACoin {

while thereIsACoin {

In a while loop the loop will go forward ⏩ and collect the coin 💰 nonstop until the is no more coins ☹ in front of the coin collecter to collect. This is what we have accoplished today in class 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓.

We will learn much more very soon. Goodbye!!😃😃

In the meantime, please do your homework, and use the Swift documentation (aka “instructions”).

Halloween 🎃 and holiday money spent | 万圣节及其他节日的花费

Today in class Emma asked how much money people spent on Halloween 🎃 every year.   So, the class went on doing research on this question.

Here are what the children have found out:

People spent about $6.9 billion on Halloween each year. That’s a lot!

But why do people spent so much money on Halloween?!

💡The wisest answer among us may actually be children, whose uncluttered minds spoke the following super impressive and honest words (credit to Vickie, our little teacher and author):

If people didn’t spend so much money on Halloween, then we could use all that money to improve buildings, roads, the Navy, Army, Air Force etc.  Plus, why don’t the people save the money for retirement or to just to pay off their college student loan or mortgage.

Later in the class Jonathan asked how much do people spend on other holidays. We started making a list of Holidays and about how much dollars they spend each year.

  • Halloween: 6.9 billion
  • St.Patrick’s day: about 4.6 billion
  • Valentines day: about 19.7 billion
  • Mothers day: about 21.4 billion
  • Fathers day: about 16 billion
  • 4-Day Black Friday Weekend: 5.7 billion
  • Christmas: 465 billion
  • 4th of July: 6.7 billion

That’s a lot of money spent on holidays!!

💡Inspired by our class, we concluded that:

  1. People 👫spend hundreds of billions of dollars on holidays.
  2. They could have saved these money for improving important things for the country and community, or pay off their debts, or save for rainy day/retirement.

The White Lion🦁 | 白狮子

Today in class we talked about the story called “The White Lion”. The young👩 minds remember and tell that story so well.

The story is about a little white lion🦁.

The story began in a dark night where the white lion and his big brother were waiting for their mother to come back with dinner.  They were small cubs. The brother of the white lion went to see if their mother was close by.

But a snake bit his brother and ate him.  The little white lion ran as fast as he could from the snake.  He got lost so he just climbed a tree to rest in for the night.  Meanwhile in a village close by villagers were running out of food. The villagers sent a boy👦🏾 to go to the woods to look for food.

What does not change 10 years from now | 10年后什么东西不变

In class today, the children discuss what will be the same in 10 years. The following is a summary of the top items:
eat🥗, snacks🍫, sleep😴, exercise🎽, love💖, get sick🤒, live😀, die, poo💩, pee🚽, talk🙎‍♀️, walk🚶‍♂️, wear clothes👚, drink🥛, grow📈, play🎭, write your name📝, take a shower🚿, change clothes👕, wash your clothes👖, think💭, write✍.

Viz with data/number visualization


“As the cathedral is to its foundation so is an effective presentation of facts to the data” – Willard Cope Brinton

Living hand to mouth

The class was reading aloud Twitter cofounder autobiography, Things a Little Bird Told Me, and there were some words “living hand to mouth” about his girlfriend’s parents who are artists.

The teacher asked us if we knew the meaning of this phrase.

“Yes, it means their hands are broken and they paint with their mouth. That is why it is called ‘from hand to mouth’!” 🙂

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