Living hand to mouth

I was reading aloud Twitter cofounder autobiography, Things a Little Bird Told Me, and there were some words “living hand to mouth” about his girlfriend’s parents who are artists.

My mom asked me if I knew the meaning of this phrase.

“Yes, it means their hands are broken and they paint with their mouth. That is why it is called ‘from hand to mouth’!” 🙂

Little Victoria’s humor 小维多利亚的童真幽默


One day, as we walked by the train station,  someone walked to the front of us asking us for $1, which is something we often encounter.   Victoria said something weird, “why he does not ask himself for money! If he asks himself for money, then he will go to work.”

生日礼物 birthday presents



Boat race

Victoria told me that she had a boat race today in school.   Lately I had been busy with Elizabeth and could not help Victoria with anything at all on her boat project.  She went to school with a weird looking boat whose bottom was a large empty dish detergent bottle, topped with half of Styrofoam egg carton, and a sail made with a thick drinking straw and a piece of paper stapled together.

“How was the race?  You did not win, right?”  I made the assumption that her boat definitely lost the race given its creator’s age and its primitive nature.

“My boat won.” She said with delight.  “It never flipped over and it moved.  Some others’ boat kept flipped into the water.”   This seven year old’s self-made boat won over others’ much more sophisticated looking ones that were helped by the kids’ parents.   🙂

She always amazes me!

Climbing like a Koala 爬树

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I am a koala

I love climbing on trees.  I will tell you one thing and that is: if you are determined to climb a tree like me and you are afraid… then please remember if I can do it then you can do it too.   如果你也想爬树但你害怕,请记住如果我能行你一定也能行!


winter storm Stella 2017

Green buds on the branches 绿芽在树上

Spring sends off winter 春天欢送冬天

A milestone day: kids creating their own posts 孩子们创造自己的贴子

Today Elizabeth and Victoria each wrote their own posts:  Victoria wrote it on a piece of paper a few times before typing with one finger letter by letter from her laptop.  Elizabeth wrote a long post with only 1 punctuation, the period.   Nevertheless, I am so pleased to see that they are little authors now.  It reminds me of the joy of seeing them first started walking.

Children’s love 孩子们的爱

I felt severely under the weather today and decided to work from home instead of going to the office (I am lucky to have a job that allows flexibility).   While I was getting ready to take my children to school, I found them both at their desks, reading quietly.

“Hurry up. You are going to be late.” I said to them.

“妈妈, 我们想在家里照顾你。(mom, we want to stay home to look after you.”  Elizabeth looked at me gently.

Magic board meetings

Magic Math Mandarin holds board meetings regularly. Whenever there is a decision that affects all of us or something about how to develop Magic Math Mandarin.

The youngest board member was 6 and now is 7. The next youngest one was 8 and she just turned 9.

During each meeting, everyone must contribute ideas. No matter what the idea is, we discuss and record it.   Everyone must speak up.  Mistakes are encouraged.