Just grit my teeth (and smile when possible)

“It’s an endless combat. Each morning one must put one’s capacities to the test.”
— Christine Lagarde

This screenshot is from 16:10-16:12 of YouTube video of Tokyo 1964 Olympic Marathon, when sports gear or drinks were not as scientific as they are today; when there were even runners ran bare feet.

This runner in the picture finished the race, and he was one of the best, even though not the one of the medalists.

When staff helped him rest on the ground, and took of his shoes, here is what we see:

‘Grit your teeth and smile’,” Christine has said. And it’s been helpful in her subsequent career in politics: “In exactly the same way, it’s a sport of resistance and endurance. You’re in tension and control.’

But somehow people are even more impressed by those heroes who had lost controls but still kept moving…

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