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Do more for real intelligence | 为真人智慧加油

The word AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere these days. Some of the best young minds are pouring into the field, and industry need is so dire that graduate🎓 schools can hardly keep PhD students until graduation.

In the craze of the artificial, real intelligence seems to have been forgotten. Here, the word “real intelligence” means intelligence from real human being.
American k-12 education continues to go downhill regardless of funding, more and more homeless people in New York City are begging in the streets (many are young and able), and millions of prime age citizens are not looking for work where many jobs are left unfilled.

Meet Sophia – a “snobbish” robot | 嫌贫爱富的机器人

The video below shows a “confident looking” Sophia who tells the audience that she is always happy around smart people especially if they are rich and powerful. “She” is awarded citizenship by the Saudi King. To think logically I know it is just a gesture for valuing advanced AI technology, and that whatever she says has been programmed to a great extend by the humans behind the scene.


This video explains  what AlphaGo  has accomplished and how it can help people elevate learning and knowledge, much like how Hubble Space telescope has helped us see/learn more about the universe.

A quick glimpse of AI

We found this video when we were searching for T-SNE visualization. This video is short and to-the-point.

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