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Sam Walton | 山姆沃顿

Sam made his senior executives share hotel rooms🏨, and he drove around in a pickup truck🚚. He and his wife went to church⛪ every Sunday. They sat anywhere just like others. Mr. Walton would even quietly wash dishes🍽 at the church after meal.

One of the best things he ever said was that he made partners of every employee, and the success of Walmart was due to ideas of all the employees. In today’s buzz word, he meant that the success of the company was due to relentless innovation.

But what makes Mr. Walton so special is not just lowest price or best service to customers, but a true genuine humbleness: the belief that all people are equal in front of God.

New school | 新学校

Elon Musk has a school for his children, Ad Astra (Latin: to the stars)⭐. That’s a great name for a school.

There are many things our schools🏫 could have done much better even though there are lots of constraints: the need to satisfy a very diverse population, and legal matters.
In American public schools, value lessons are largely missing. Many teachers do not check or grade homework.  Kids are getting more undisciplined as they grow older…Chinese language🈷 is not taught even though China is such an important country… programming is not taught…美国学校应该向中国新东方那样的学校学习.

That’s why Magic Math Mandarin is created.


Teaching values | 道德价值教育

It takes a village to raise a kid🧒.  A child learns from everyone she/he interacts with.  Since the most amount of time is spent in school🏫, what he/she learns in school from teachers👩‍🏫 and friends is critically important.

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