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Self-care | 照顾自己

    1. Stay focused, really focused🙂
    2. Get help from others and help others🤝
    3. Read books📖
    4. Exercise🚶‍♀️
    5. Eat good food🥗





How to create successful school | 办学成功法

We have grown into a fully functioning school🏫 following the following guiding principles from two great doers:

  • Thomas Edison:  1% inspiration 灵感 + 99% perspiration 勤奋
  • Elon Musk:  You start with an idea.  That idea is mostly wrong👎.  Then you adapt and keep refining it.  You listen to some criticism.  Engage in recursive self improvement循环往复地提高自我. Constantly refining it, making it better.  不断地打磨。Keep repeating on a loop that says “Am I doing something useful for other people 我所做的对别人有用吗?”  Because that is what a company do: it is a group of people gather togethert  to produce a product or service.  That company should only exist if that product or service is useful to customers.



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