Self-care | 照顾自己

    1. Stay focused, really focused
    2. Get help from others and help others
    3. Read books
    4. Exercise
    5. Eat good food




How to create successful school | 办学成功法

We have grown into a fully functioning school following the following guiding principles from two great doers:

  • Thomas Edison:  1% inspiration 灵感 + 99% perspiration 勤奋
  • Elon Musk:  You start with an idea.  That idea is mostly wrong.  Then you adapt and keep refining it.  You listen to some criticism.  Engage in recursive self improvement循环往复地提高自我. Constantly refining it, making it better.  不断地打磨。Keep repeating on a loop that says “Am I doing something useful for other people 我所做的对别人有用吗?”  Because that is what a company do: it is a group of people gather together to produce a product or service.  That company should only exist if that product or service is useful to customers.