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This video explains  what AlphaGo  has accomplished and how it can help people elevate learning and knowledge, much like how Hubble Space telescope has helped us see/learn more about the universe.

A quick glimpse of AI

We found this video when we were searching for T-SNE visualization. This video is short and to-the-point.

What does AI mean for education


Very interesting read.  My takeaways are:

  1. Unlike app startup which can cost almost nothing, AI startup is very expensive: from equipment, data to AI scientists.
  2. AI can take away many jobs (including doctors) sooner than we expected.  We think what is slowing it down is regulations (such as privacy).

So, what should we change in education so that kids are not going into fields that are going to be replaced by AI? How can we better prepare our children for the future that is deeply and broadly mined by big data and AI?

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