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Lessons learned from Christine Lagarde

Christine_LagardeChristine Lagarde is an extremely successful (the first finance minister of France and the first woman chairman of the IMF).  Below are a summary of quotes we collected.

On physical fitness

“We only have one body and we’d better look after it because that body keeps us going and will carry us through the day, through professional life and personal life. We don’t have time, but we must do the preventive checkups and keep physical training as much as we can.”

On crisis

“Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, you will get it wrong anyway. So you might as well be optimistic.

Never give up, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But we should never give up.”

Skill sets required for her role in lobbying so many countries

  1. Listening skills: where they are coming from, what are their vested interests, what is their time table at the back of their minds, what are the clear obvious and hidden agendas- the ability to listen and to catch all these
  2. Communication: describe what is in it for them in their future, how they can sell to their public on what is in the plan and yet be honest. “This is how we are today, these are the challenges, but there is a way out of it and let’s get on with it.”

On career and jobs | 职业和工作

Sometimes we read/hear complaints about not able to find a great job despite having advanced degrees and/or having been published. But we have never heard anyone complain of not being able to find a great job despite having some highly sought after skills.   The importance for your career is what you CAN DO now; it is not what school you graduated from, or the master/PhD you obtained a long time ago.

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