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Mandarin Chinese Pinyin input in Window 中文输入

  1. Across Windows applications and web browsing: Change Windows 7 Chinese input to pinyin input method
    Control Panel -> ‘Clock, Language and Region’
    -> ‘Keyboards and Languages’ tab
    -> ‘Change keyboards…’ button at the top of that tab.
    ->Click the ‘Add…’
    ->Select the input option you want (probably ‘phonetic’ or ‘new phonetic’).
    -> selected phonetic input-> Click on the Chinese keyboard in the ‘Text Services and Input Languages’ windows. ->Click ‘Properties…’
    -> click the drop-down menu under ‘Keyboard layout:‘ ->Select ‘HanYu Pinyin’.
    Now you’ve got the default Windows 7 Chinese pinyin input method enabled.  You can click on the little language icon down in the bottom right of your screen.  It’s the little box in the task-bar that says ‘EN’ or ‘CH’ etc.
  2.  Web input only: use Google Pinyin.

After installation, you can enable high-quality Chinese input by pressing ctrl + space at any time. Then use the shift key to switch between Chinese and English.  This method is very simple.  But you cannot use it for Windows applications such as Word.

Two Chinese schools & one great library

library Chinese books
Chinese books at Livingston Library

According to Wikipedia, Livingston, NJ, has about 30,000 people and about 20% Asian and 50% Jewish.

Victoria reading at Livingston Library
Victoria reading at Livingston Library

It has two Chinese schools within one zip code and minutes from each other: Livingston Chinese School李文斯頓中文學校and Livingston Huaxia Chinese School 李文斯顿华夏中文学校.   During 2007–2008 budget year, Livingston allocated 60% of local property tax to  the Livingston Public Schools. 

Pulbic Library at Livingston
Elizabeth & Victoria at Livingston Library

Additionally, a separate budget of 7% of all municipal services went toward the operation of its public library. According to library statistics collected by Institute of Museum and Library Services, Livingston Public Library was ranked 22 out of 232 municipal libraries in New Jersey based on total circulation in 2006.

Livingston Chinese School (李文斯頓中文學校) was founded in 1983 and opens on Sundays from 1:30 to 4:10, 是唯一在北澤西提供以傳統正體字為主的中文注音符號,漢語拼音, 及粵語三種教學的中文學校.    Livingston Huaxia Chinese School (李文斯顿华夏中文学校) was founded in 2002 and opens on Saturdays (每星期六上午9:00到下午2:05).

From the numbers, it is apparent that the town places strong emphasis on education and culture.  Add these to low crime rate and vicinity to NYC, this is surely a great place to live.

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