What is a distribution

Distribution of a thing is how the thing is spread out, where it is most concentrated, where it is less concentrated, where it has more and where it has less.

Children’s love 孩子们的爱

I felt severely under the weather today and decided to work from home instead of going to the office (I am lucky to have a job that allows flexibility).   While I was getting ready to take my children to school, I found them both at their desks, reading quietly.

“Hurry up. You are going to be late.” I said to them.

“妈妈, 我们想在家里照顾你。(mom, we want to stay home to look after you.”  Elizabeth looked at me gently.

Magic Valentine’s Day

copyright © Magic Math Mandarin

I love you to pieces

“Mom, I love being with you.  I cannot stop feeling this way.  I don’t want to stop.  Do you get tired of me saying this to you?”  My 7 year old held my hand and smiled at me.   “I will never get tired of you telling me this” I smiled back.

“Mom, I have many presents for you.  Today’s Valentine’s Day.”  My daughters pulled out little gift bags from their backpacks.

I asked the kids to enjoy the chocolate.  “No, I want you to pick. It is for you.”

Kids’ love can melt my heart.  It is magic.

The Non-Pursuit of happiness

When Jack Dorsey was 14, he was fascinated with maps and cities.   When I was 14, I was fascinated with the sky, the stars, the clouds’ movements, and especially, the recipe for making people happy.   When I was a teenager, I concluded that the problem of how to make people happy is the most important one and I decided to try to solve it.

My little parents

Victoria calls me “小孩子 xiao hai zi”, or “my little kid” in English.   She tells me that she likes being my mom. Because of this, somehow my kids become my parents.