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Degrees and angles | 角度

Today in the fourth grade weekend lesson we learned about angles📐 and degrees. We explained what degrees was first🥇 because angles are classified using degrees📏. Degrees were discovered by Egyptians. They invented the degree symbol ° and also came up with the 360° circle⚪.  There is an interesting history of how they connect the movement of the Sun with time.   They first divided a year into 360 days, noting that the Sun moved in a circle. Around 1500 BC Egyptians divided 24 hours⏳, though the hours varied with the seasons originally. Then the Greek astronomers made the hours equal. About 300 to 100 BC the Babylonians subdivided the hour into base-60 factions: 60 minutes an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.

We use degrees to measure angles. An angle is a figure formed by two rays🛴 called sides of the angle. In geometry there are three types of angles: an acute angle between 0 and 90 degrees, right angle a 90 degree angle, and an obtuse angle between 90 and 180 degrees. In 1936 a clay tablet was found buried at Shush (Khuzestan region of Iran🌏) some 350km from the ancient city of Babylon on which was inscribed a script that was only translated as late as 1950. The text provided confirmation that the Babylonians measured angles using the figure of 360 to form a circle. The Babylonians knew that the perimeter of a hexagon was exactly equal to six times the radius of a circumscribed circle. This is why they chose to divide a circle in 360 parts⚪. If we did not discover degrees or angles we would not be able to build anything properly🧱. So if we tried building a house without degrees or angles the house would collapse🏚.

We will talk about triangles next time.

Welcome to our New Google Classroom!!😃

Hello everybody!😃 Welcome back to Magic Math Mandarin.  Since we are staying home because of covid-19, we brought our classes to google classroom so our students can keep on learning even during this pandemic👩‍🏫. Now we can all communicate with each other online💻. In this classroom we will be learning Chinese🈷, math➗, and programming👩‍💻. Our teachers will put new assignments everyday about each topic.  If you would also like to join our wonderful classrooms then here is the class code mtxl6j4

Remember to stay home and don’t get sick!😷 Please join our classroom today!👍💖


The only thing that really matters is | 唯一重要的是…

We watched this very informative, entertaining and inspiring video by GitHub co-founder Tom Breston, who tricked the audience to chant on three separate occasions during this short presentation from 2012:

  • “The only thing that really matters is people 是人🙋‍♀️”
  • “The only thing that really matters is product 是产品🔨”
  • “The only thing that really matters is culture 是文化”✝.

So what is the one thing that really matters? 到底是什么呢? It is the trichotomy 三分法 of people🙋‍♀️, product🔨 and culture✝.


From one Tom Breston’s personal blog dated 2008, he wrote:

In the end, just as Indiana Jones could never turn down the opportunity to search for the Holy Grail, I could no less turn down the chance to work for myself on something I truly love, no matter how safe the alternative might be. When I’m old and dying, I plan to look back on my life and say “wow, that was an adventure,” not ‘wow, I sure felt safe.'”

Words from XDF Founder | 俞敏洪:人生是一辈子的马拉松







小蛇 | Little snake


A snake can look like a rope.  Don’t get bitten by a snake!!!  It might be poisonous!!!!!!!

帆(fān)船(chuán) | Sailing Ship


Be careful don’t fall into the water!!!!!!

Self-care | 照顾自己

    1. Stay focused, really focused🙂
    2. Get help from others and help others🤝
    3. Read books📖
    4. Exercise🚶‍♀️
    5. Eat good food🥗



Law of survival | 生存法则


创造不公平的优势(unfair advantage),

Need to learn Mandarin Chinese (it is “need”, not “want”)

It has been a long time since my last post.  I have been very busy with family, work, and learning deep learning.  This post is about the need to learn Chinese.

Learning Chinese is not something nice-to-have.  Rather, it is important enough that you need to do systematically.   The rich and powerful already knew it and have invested in their young.  They hire Chinese nannies and private tutors.  We saw that Arabella Kushner, President Trump’s granddaughter and former president Obama’s daughters all learn Chinese.

Some young people tell me they do not need to learn Chinese because they have very good phone apps that can do the translation for them.   Translation apps might be enough if you only want to deal with anything made-in-China occasionally.   But if you want to compete, learn, or have any kind of relationship with the Chinese, you’d better learn.    After all, who wants to communicate with you through an app, regardless of the limitation and accuracy of app translation.

You need to learn Mandarin Chinese if you want to be a competitive worker in the coming age.  Because China is the No. 1 economy in the world, in expectation terms.   The same reason why English is such a popular language will propel Mandarin Chinese to be very popular.   England was the most powerful nation two hundred years ago.  America, the former English colony, was the most powerful nation in the 20th century…and you know the rest.  If you want to be a future leader, you need to know Mandarin Chinese to engage with China.

But most Americans haven’t realized that, especially those who are economically disadvantaged.   Mandarin Chinese is not offered in most public schools, especially not in urban ones.  So you must act on your own, if others have not put it on your plate.

I found an excellent article “Mandarin Learning Is a Must”, written by Jack Markell (the 73rd Governor of Delaware) and Gary R. Herbert  (the 17th Governor of Utah).   They argue that learning Mandarin is critical to the educational and economic success of American students.  I cannot agree more.


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