The White Lion🦁 | 白狮子

Today in class we talked about the story called “The White Lion”. The young👩 minds remember and tell that story so well.

The story is about a little white lion🦁.

The story began in a dark night where the white lion and his big brother were waiting for their mother to come back with dinner.  They were small cubs. The brother of the white lion went to see if their mother was close by.

But a snake bit his brother and ate him.  The little white lion ran as fast as he could from the snake.  He got lost so he just climbed a tree to rest in for the night.  Meanwhile in a village close by villagers were running out of food. The villagers sent a boy👦🏾 to go to the woods to look for food.

While the little boy was looking for food he found the white lion cub.  The boy heard lot of people saying that white lions are rare and that we must protect them and so he did.  He protected the lion until it became big enough to take care of itself.   For as long as he could, everyday the boy  would follow his trails to make sure the white lion was okay.

The white lion still did not know how to hunt for food.    Then lion made one friend and his friend was the one who taught him how to hunt for food.

The two lions found a place with lot of chickens🐤 owned by a man. They each ate a chicken everyday. One day the owner found out that animals were eating his chickens so he set a trap for the lions.  At night when the white lion’s friend went to grab another chicken he gets trapped and the owner killed him☹.

The white lion runs away and finds a place to rest for the night. A few days later the white lions feels very thirsty but he notices that the lake is full of alligators 🐊. when he was drinking water from the lake a few alligators came and pulled him into the water.   The white lion struggled and came out of the water safely.

Then some hunters heard that there was a white lion in the woods. They immediately went to hunt for the white lion for its rare skin.   The hunters found the white lion. When one hunter opened his gun and was just about to kill the white lion,  there came the boy👦🏾 that once took care of the white lion and is now a man👨🏽.  He stood in front of the hunter and said “If your going to kill it kill me first”. The hunter was very mad but he did not kill the white lion.

The End

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